Sledge slope

Sledge slope

if you are looking for a innovative and uncommon activity for a winter related event, the sledge slope by Ludik is what you need.

The slope itself combined with different decorative elements will create a festive and familial atmosphere, that will suit perfectly the time of the year.

We offer multiples solution for your sledge slope, we can provide you with an auto-stable structure to place wherever you want, or we can prepare a custom made structure to install on stairs, escalator, travellator or any other inclined surface that you could think of.

Ludik’s way of thinking an event is to build structures that will fit your needs as closely as we can, and the sledge slop is a perfect example of how we will be able to choose between a large quantity of different materials to create a unique and personalized project for your event.

Thanks to our experience we will be able to guide you through the choice of the custom-made project on the structure side as well as on the decorative side where we can offer you the Santa clause’s house as well as winter themed decorations for the slope.

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